loopmash help

I am curious how to make an audio or MIDI track?
I have tried recording which doesn’t work. I also tried drawing the note in but I’d have to draw 4 or 5 MIDI bars. Is there a way to just export right from loopmash to audio? Batch export played no audio back when I went that route.


Loopmash is kinda funky in that regard (I struggled with similar issues at first too!).

The trick is to remember that its a synth… not a drum machine. So what you actually record is the MIDI notes that trigger it.

Try this.

  1. Make a new instrument track w/ loop mash
  2. Load up a preset like 'big beat 100" or whatever
  3. CLICK ON THE LOOPMASH PLAY BUTTON TO TURN IT OFF (so it doesn’t start playing as soon as you hit “REC”)
  4. Start recording in Cubase
  5. Now… (here’s the key) on your MIDI keyboard, hit the “C” one octave below middle C. This will turn on Loop Mash AND be recorded in your track.
  6. Now, hit the C# just above it. That’s the “off switch”. (keep Cubase recording this whole time)
  7. Hit C again to start Loopmash and this time we’ll keep it rolling.

Now, and octave further down your keyboard, you can use the keys to trigger pattern changes (and those key-strokes will be recoded in your instrument track)

Further UP your keyboard (starting at Middle C and working up chromatically) you have your performance controllers!

So you switch patterns with your left hand and trigger the scratching and sluring and stuff with your right hand.

When you’re done, use the C# below middle C to disengage LM.

If you click over to the “Performance Controllers” tab on LM, the first green key (the one with 1/8 on it) is middle C.

Hope this helps, have fun!

One more thing! You can right click on any slice in MoopMash and assign a performance controller right to it! That’s another way to get stuff into your recordings without having to perform it on the fly.




Very nice.

I believe I read you can also drag slices directly from LoopMash into Groove Agent . . .

Just another little feature.


I hope someone can help on a loopmash issue.
I open loopmash select preset and I am asked for a file or address so it can access the preset but on other occasions it automatically loads!
Any help appreciated.

RE: asking for a location, what system are you using (MAC or PC)?

Also, when you open Media Bay look at the “Define Locations” pane, do you see your “VST Sound” folder as a defined location? (and if so, are there sub folders for “LoopMash Content” and “LoopMash 2 Content”?)

If those folders don’t show up (or if they’re any other color besides blue…) you may want have Media Bay do a ‘re-scan’.


Is it possible to create a loopmash track and then drag it into GAO - to get each slice onto a pad, then record it onto a MIDI track? I’m sure I’ve seen a demo tutorial but I can’t get it to work


You can always just bounce down the Loopmash track, then hitpoints - create audio slices from hitpoints, drag n drop that to GAO, then drag n drop midi to GAO track. There might be an easier way though…