Loopmash (resolved!)

This is really the only “issue” I’ve been battling with Cubase 6. I have a series of 2 bar loops and they consist of hi-hats/snares (no kicks) and Loopmash incorrectly calculates the length of these loops and plays them twice as fast. For example, I drag a 2 bar loop to Loopmash and it gets calculated as 1 bar.

Is there a way to adjust this on a per-loop basis? This doesn’t happen with every loop, just some of them. The Cubase “Pool” where the tempo can be assigned to a WAV files doesn’t display files used in Loopmash.


You can changes tempos in pool or mediabay BEFORE dragging into loopmash…

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the update. I just discovered this a few minutes ago and actually came to the forum to update my post. I was viewing the Cubse Preferences and noticed there is an option you can enable that allow editing of information in Mediabay. It works like a charm. I add “resolved” to the subject of my post. :smiley:

Another item to note is that not only can you set the tempo in Media Bay, it’s nice that you can actually bulk select files and set the tempo with a single entry. That’s HUGE!