Loopmash won't record scene changes?


I’m having trouble getting Loopmash to record scene changes. If I record enable the track, during playback I can change scenes by playing notes in the right range on my MIDI controller. But if I record those, the scenes don’t change during playback. The only way I can seem to record scene changes is by writing automation and clicking scene buttons with the mouse. Interestingly, these get recorded as automation parameters that are unrelated to scene change (AdaptAmount).

It seems really squirelly. Any ideas?

This is also using Loopmash on an instrument track, not in VST instruments.



Cubase 6.5.4 on Mac OS 10.6.8

Anyone willing to try to see if it works for them and maybe send me your .cpr to see what’s different?



Well, I got it working here.
I used an instrument track. Record enabled the track. Pressed record. Played some MIDI notes that correspond to scene changes and watched the scenes change in Loopmash. Also saw those notes record to the instrument track. Pressed stop. Rewound. Pressed Play. Watched the Loopmash scenes change as the cursor reached those MIDI notes.
I am using C6.5 but I doubt that is the problem.
Perhaps some screen shots?
The only thing I can think of is that possibly you are not actually pressing record (i.e. just record enabling the track) and therefore not actually recording the notes to the track.

Thanks, JL. So it does work, at least on Windows.

I’m on a Mac and I’m definitely recording. I can edit the recorded notes, and when I click to move them around, the scenes change. Just not during playback.

Thanks for trying! Mind sending over your .cpr so I can see if it works, and maybe there’s a problem with my project?


I sent you a PM.