Loopmash2: Posted this in C6 forum.........

Nobody seems to know the answer:

Just tried to get this working but Loopmash can’t find the files. I didn’t do anything special when I installed C6 so I presume the sounds went where they were supposed to go. Alas, Loopmash keeps returning the “Where are the files” message…


A little visit to your Installer cd, should give you the content, reinstall the loopmash content, and you should be good to go!. :wink:

Yeah, got it all thanks. Left me with 3gb free space on my hard drive :open_mouth:

Congratz on getting it done !
Time to plan an expansion… 1000 gb drives are under $100 at most retail locations.

Already got one Sav :sunglasses:

And what’s your backup strategy now Phil ? :slight_smile:


He makes sure to look both ways and rolls down his window so he can scream “Beep Beep Beep” at the top of his lungs while backing. :mrgreen:

That would be progress from when his keyboards etc would slide of the table because of the angle, he’s fixed that but now he needs a new problem to tackle. :laughing: