Loopmashin - help required

Been messing with Loopmash and liking it a lot, my question is, once I have my Loops Mashed what then? How do i get the sounds / midi transferred to the project arrange page?
Or is that not how it works?


Try setting up a template with 8 outputs from LoopMash. Then you can record the output on separate tracks. I did that once a long time ago and it worked very nicely, but LoopMash1 was useless compared to LM2, so I forgot about it! It’s not that hard to do. I think I used 8 dummy buses as well to get the outputs if that’s of any help, then I routed those back to 8 audio tracks so I could record the audio separately.

I also had 3 MIDI tracks pointing at LM and using Quick Controls to set all the controls in LM from my hardware controller, which is a Behringer BCR2000 … no audio signals, just MIDI, so it works great! It was about 3x8 controls in LM1 and maybe there is a few more in LM2. What I had to do was to move up and down with the arrow keys between the 3 MIDI tracks and each MIDI track pointed to it’s own set of controls in LM, so I could use the same hardware buttons and just jump up and down between the tracks.

HTH :slight_smile:

Thanks Man, makes perfect sense, where I was going wrong was that I had opened Loopmash as an instrument track rather that a VST instrument. Now all the outputs are there.