Loops and adjust tempo like in Ableton, Cubase 6.5?


I love Cubase. I just really want to be able to skip Ableton entirely and just focus on producing inside of Cubase.
I just moved from Ableton to Cubase.

I want to be able to get an audio file, set a loop, lets say 1 bar, and just loop it so it’s looped perfectly to the FIXED tempo that I have set in my project inside of Cubase. Lets say 130bpm.

In Ableton this is very easy to “search” through the sample by just moving the same looplocators.

My questions are:

  1. How do I get a track in tempo if it’s lets say 120bpm and I want it to be 130bpm (I want it to be a FIXED tempo, I don’t want it to be changing from 130bpm to 129.87bpm to make the loop fit the project, do you get what I mean? I know about the tempo detection thing, that’s not what I’m after. I wish to make the tempo of the imported sample to fit the project tempo which is set to FIXED 130bpm). How do I do this? I notice when I just turn on elastique audio in musical mode, it is set to my fixed tempo but it still doesn’t go after the beat (it’s not played on the 1 and it doesn’t adapt tightly to the fixed tempo of my project), this is really easy doing in Ableton by using warpmode. But I’d wish to do this inside of Cubase aswell.

I’ve been trying to do this, watched a few tutorials aswell, I don’t get it. Is there any way for me to make it quick and easy? I don’t want to HAVE TO click in every single little beat (where the kick hits at for example), is there any way for me to adapt the rest of the song from 1 warpmarker or so? I’m trying this on a 4/4 housetrack and I’m not getting it to click in time, lol. Am I stupid or something?

  1. Can I make a loop INSIDE of the sampler window of a track that I’ve imported, and just move the loop around, like in Ableton? I’m not finding any smooth way to just move the exact looplocators to another place, but still remaining the same time that is looped, like this in Ableton:


What is not shown in the video here is that in Ableton the start and the endpoints follow the loopbracers aswell, so it’s like moving a whole block just further and that way I can easily find and scan good spots within a sample that I like.

How do I do this in cubase 6.5?

  1. Is there any command for moving the loopbracers (the same amount of time that I’ve already got looped, just further, lets say by division, beats or bars?)

  2. Anyone got any tips or tricks or videos on how to make glitches inside of cubase 6.5? I’m used to do this in Ableton by using the Follow actions and then bounce down and pick parts from that.

Answers would be SO much appreciated!

Thank you very much. I’m very new to Cubase, and I’m loving it, apart from these things right here!



Oh yeah also I got a problem,

When I loop lets say 2 bars inside of the key editor, and then get back out to the arrange view, I see that the 2 bars that are looped in the key editor/pianoroll is NOT 2 bars in the arrange view, I don’t think it was that by default, I might have messed around with something, but I don’t know what? It’s quite annoying as I cannot make a perfect loop that way…

Anyone knows what the problem is?


In keyeditor it is looped 2 bars PERFECTLY

in arrange view that 2 bar loop is 2.1 instead of 2.0

Answers on all of these questions would make feel SO MUCH more secure inside of Cubase and will get my creative juices flowing! Thanks alot for this awsome forum.

Highly appreciated!

No one?

I just set up a custom key command for “Stretch To Project Tempo”. Works perfectly for loops. If I need to use it for a full song (like for a DJ mix) the only thing I do differently is cut the empty space at the beginning of the track so it starts exactly on the first beat and then hit my “Stretch To Project Tempo” key.

If u tap the tempo play the track in the audio editor, not with the cubase transport.

There is a possibility to move the timeline instead of stretching the sample
in the audio editor. You simply adjust for example the first hit to the start
of the first bar, then search the start of the second bar and put it on the 2.
Works quick and fine. It’s in the definition-part of the inspector.

I think my one click solution is easier :slight_smile:

Maybe there will be a Cubase live version in the future.
Cubase is not that good as Ableton when it comes to live.
But I don’t mind two clicks to adjust the tempo of a sample.
And to be true: I have all my stuff organized with tempo- and
rootkey-info in the media bay. So I don’t give click.
But I have to admit that I had to use the two-click-thing
to make it a zero-click-thing.

key command for “Stretch To Project Tempo” does not work. Well the actual keycommand works but the tune is not in time at all, it is the first bar, then it’s immediately out of beat.

Seriously how hard could this be? I just want my whole song in the same tempo as my project…

anyone got an answer for the rest of my questions too? =) would be so much appreciate to learn those things! it’s kind of blocking me for using my creativity.

Thanks alot for the answers so far! appreciate it alot!

So it’s almost in time? Try to cut the end of it to the exact beginning of a bar (of the song, not cubase).
Now use the timestretch cursor and put it to the exact beginning of the next bar in cubase…
You said it is a house-song, right? Shouldn’t be that hard.

The “Stretch To Project Tempo” key command really works best for loops but if you’re trying to match the tempo of whole songs (especially if the tempos are a lot slower/faster than the project tempo) there’s another better way.

1- import the new song (I usually just drag n drop from ITunes)
2- cut the empty space in the beginning so it starts exactly on the first beat
3- click on the track (if it isn’t already highlighted) and hit “ctrl f” to find it in the pool
4- in the pool click the little “musical mode” box so you see the blue “x” mark
5- in the pool type in a BPM. keep doing this till you find the correct one (i usually turn up the volume of my side-chain kicks which plays at the project tempo and compare it to the imported track until they match up perfectly)… or you can use a free program like “mixmeister BPM analyzer” to quickly find the exact bpm.

awsome thanks alot! what I did wrong was I didn’t change the tempo inside of the media pool. Very quick and easy indeed.

Now I wonder - is there a command for moving the loop bracers/locators forward and back but still keep the exact time? (lets say 1 bar)? so I can easily scan through my sample

4- in the pool click the little “musical mode” box so you see the blue “x” mark
5- in the pool type in a BPM. keep doing this till you find the correct one

and you can also directly do this in the Sample Editor (audio region, double click/return)
another solution to find the right audio wav in the pool window: audio region and “Strg+F”

Another problem I have with cubase is this (I had to record it inorder to explain it, hard to explain in words), but as you see for yourself the grid doesn’t snap to the same value as in the keyeditor, how do I get this so it shows the same? or should it even show the same? I find it very annoying to have set it to 2 bars and it doesn’t loop 2 bars inside of the keyeditor.

Thanks alot for the answers, appreciate this alot! really helped me so far.

Here’s the video of the problem, uploaded on YouTube:


I don’t get it… Not even with the video you posted.
The midi editor shows the grid that you defined for the
midi editor. Is the problem that the midi is not in time??

yes exactly. If you see the grid in the arrange window it’s different than in the key editor. in the key editor I’m missing the last note because of that. Check again and you should get what I mean. I think it’s pretty clear in the video…

Also when I set a 2 bar loop in the arrange window it’s not a 2 bar loop inside of the keyeditor, which really drives me nuts. If you check inside of the keyeditor in my video, you see that the last note is divided by two for some reason (since the keyeditors grid is different), hope you get what I mean. Thanks.

Look at this picture;


and then look at this picture:


Ok. But when you created the midi event it was exactly two bars long?

yes exactly. As you see in the picture. This is very strange and I don’t know at all what the problem is :confused: would appreciate it alot.

Doesn’t happen over here… I’m sorry.