Loops And Samples-all missing except EDM Toolbox

I Installed all those loops and samples on a secondary drive . It seems that everything is there but when upgraded to N12 only EDM Toolbox is in the Media, to the right in projectwindow, VSTI-MEDIA-CR-METER…
I dont understand how to rescan , In Library Manager I can see all the installed things like Analog Techno, rock pop toolbox and so on.
The default location is pointing in the right direction, to the folder I choosed but cant se them in Nuendo.

What to do!?
Micke S.

I had a recent issue when upgrading to N12.

Rebooting my laptop, then opening N12 seemed to sort out the missing loop libraries issue. Have not had missing loops since.

Using a Mac.

Hi. Thanks, but that does not solve it still missing everything…

Within the Library manager, If you press the ‘details’ button on a library that doesn’t appear - are they pointing to the correct locations too?

The ‘default location’ is for new libraries you install so don’t always go by that on existing ones.

Yes, They all pointing to the same folder, I also have it as deafault, tried to “MOVE” but nothing happens, The samplefolder seems to have about 72 Gb of information, Only EDM Toolbox is to see.
Tried to install again, but no…

If you open Mediabay and expand the “VST Sound” tree within the file browser on the left, do any more appear in there?

The list should auto refresh when you open mediabay too.

Hi I didnt know about that, will check it out tomorrow, …

Hi, I found a way to solve it in Cubase forum!

for windows users : go to: C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\cubaseXXX - with your windows username and the cubase version instead of XXX (obviously!) there is a file in there called something like mediabay3.db rename it to mediabay3.bak and restart cubase…