Loops don't loop...

I was messing around with CB v 2 on a flight this weekend. I dropped a stock 90bpm audio drum loop into a project set to 90bpm. Set the grid to bar, and copied and pasted several iterations of the loop. ( why can’t i just drag / repeat the loop? ]

On playback the loops were discontinuous . Zooming in showed each loop was a bit too short and couldn’t be extended.

Same for the 80 bpm and 100 bpm loops. I think the 120 bpm ones were OK.

Somethings up…

Hi Lee,

Thanks for your message.
To allow us to reproduce the issue, please file a proper bug report that includes steps and loop filenames.

Please find more information hope to report bugs right here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=183&t=105096


I may be mistaken but this is almost actually a feature request. Rather than the copy/paste method of extending loops, I believe the original poster may be referring to simply dragging the left or right boundary of a loop to automatically extend it. This would be a nice feature.