loops project tempo

when i audition my (wave)loops in mediabay the are insync with my project
but when i drag the loop into my project it does not automatically snap to the project tempo.
I had this problem in previous versions of cubase but that was just a matter of disabling the control room. now this dosen’t help.
i now you kan time strets it but i want it to snap to the project tempo automatically.

I see now that even when the loop and the project have the same bpm the loop is not on the beat ones i dragea it into the project???

it is easy to ajust in the wave editor inspecto > definition > Auto adjust. But i wan’t my loops to match my project tempo automaticly (like the already do in the mediabay)

Ps The rex file do match the project tempo when i drag them in my project.

i have my loops on musical mode and elastique pro time
i work in cubase 9.5 pro
windows 10