Loosing connection with midi keyboard


I have a Nektar Panorama P6 which has always worked great with Cubase before. Now I have to reinstall the P6 everytime I open up Cubase. As soon as I restart Cubase I have no connection with the keyboard but all the faders work so I have to reinstall the P6 and everything works…as long as I don’t restart Cubase that is.

I’ve tried to mess around with the midi in’s and out’s in the Studio Setup settings in Cubase (deactivate, then activate again) but it never helps. I always have to reinstall the P6 eveytime I open up Cubase. Very frustrating!

Anybody else that has run into this problem? Or even better - anybody out there who has a solution to this?

Thanks, have a great weekend
// Magnus


Is P6 visible (connected) on the system level when Cubase doesn’t see it? Does Windows/macOS see it?

Hey Martin!

Windows can see it yes. I can see it in the device manager, all the in’s and out’s are there.

Cubase recognizes the p6 - only the faders work, not the actual keyboard.


Is P6 using multiple MIDI Ports? Is it possible the keyboard MIDI Port is assigned to any Remote Device?