Loosing midi input

I’m having an issue where I will be entering notes from a midi keyboard in write mode - which works fine - then if do other tasks, editing and so forth and return to trying to enter notes ( in write mode with cursor ready etc) it will not accept the note message. I can enter by hand, but it won’t take the midi input. If I quit and reopen it will work again, but only until I do anything else and then it’s not functional again. Mac, Mojave 10.14.4.


Welcome to the forum, Dale13. What kind of keyboard do you have, and how is it connected to your computer? Does it require its own power? Is it possible that the USB connection is somehow getting interrupted? Unfortunately in the current version of Dorico you cannot connect or disconnect a MIDI input device while Dorico is running, but in the next major version of the software it will support “hot plugging” of MIDI input devices, which should help if the problem is some kind of intermittent connection.

Thanks - it’s an old clavinova and it’s running through a powered motu
midi interface - in general it is very reliable and there are no issues in other applications.

I should add that I still hear the samples triggered by the midi keyboard - Dorico just won’t register the notes -again, in write mode, with the cursor flashing etc. when I quit and relaunch things work as normal…until they don’t.

If the VST instruments are still sounding, that means that MIDI data is still pouring in to Dorico. So it is Dorico itself that loses the input somehow. Someone from the London team will need to come with some advice. Today is a bank holiday in the UK, so probably tomorrow someone will answer.

We had exactly the same thing.


Next time you find Dorico losing input unexpectedly, do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the zip file left on your desktop here. If you can make a note of the time at which the MIDI stops working and tell us that, too, it might allow us to figure something out.

will do.


Ok - will do - thanks!

OK - here you go - happened 9:01 EST US
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (557 KB)

There’s nothing obvious in the logs, unfortunately. It’s a bit of a mystery for now. It may be a bit easier for us to diagnose in the next major version because, as I say, there is support for plugging and unplugging a MIDI device while Dorico is running, and not only should that mean that you can simply unplug and replug your keyboard to get it working if it stops, but also that there will be some additional logging in the application log so we can see more of what might be happening.