Losing audio files from projects


I’ve lost a lot of audio files from projects I’ve done. I didn’t understand why, until I thought a bit about it:

I start everything from the same template with the same project folder. Some ideas I throw away, some I continue on. What I do, is I save a project A, then let that same project evolve into something else, which I save under another name project B. Now, this project B I sometimes decide not to continue on, so I delete project B and ask Cubase to delete the project B files as well.

Now, what finally has striked me, is that both project A and B share the same pool! (Or to be precise, project B retains the pool of project A in addition to the new project B files.) So when I delete this project B, though it has a new name, and “it’s” audio files, it also deletes all the files from the previous project I was working on!

I don’t know if it’s to be called a bug, but obviously not super-intuitive. It’s not unnatural to let other types off computer files (like Word documents or Photoshop files) evolve into new files under another names. To think that deleting this new file and it’s associated files also would delete associated files from the previous project, can be… well, a far off thought in a creative process.

If Cubase had been REALLY smart, it had known that the files were associated with other projects as well, and should have given a warning about it or simply blocked them from being deleted. But I also see that this would impose practical difficulties to implement in the program.

Just wanted you to know if you should find yourself doing the same “error”, and I’ll make a gigantic Note To Self about this!

A more safe way to cleanup files would be to use the “Cleanup…” feature described to page 53 of the manual. It scans to see if files are associated with any projects and then asks you what to do with them. Also, when you want to save as a new project, use the “Backup…” feature. It will create a new folder and copy all used audio to that, new folder.

I agree with the back-up feature. This case scenario is the perfect reason why song files should not be shared in the same folder. I use a template also but I also create another folder to do so. Not only will you be safe from deletions of shared files but they will be a lot easier to find if somehow the files get dis-associated from the song. This may happen if you have to re-install CB or change computers. You would usually get an alert when you open a song saying xxx files are missing. Knowing exactly what folder to guide the song to makes things a whole lot easier.

Thou shall not cross link files, first commandment of DAW bible.

Multible projects sharing one pool is not smart at all.

Every project has a dedicated folder on my system. If I want to change something I rename the project, make a back up and work from there.
Once you are accustomed to this method you will find that your mediabay and foldermanagment is far more intuitive.