Losing bracket adding ensemble

Hello to all,

today I’ve started new project by adding new ensemble instruments but I noticed that Dorico does not add brackets automatically. What I’m missing?
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What ensemble type is set at Layout Options > Brackets and Braces for the current layout?


And do you have any existing bracket and barline changes? (the brown signposts)

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thanks to all for quick reply.
yes Pianoleo, the problem was in the Layout options where I’ve changed the settings about brackets, now I’ve solved. I’m learning a lot about settings in Dorico.
Lillie, I’ll take your suggestion for future, thanks, this time my request was for an empty clean project.
As usual, thanks for your precious help

This might have been requested before but it would be handy if we could copy bracket and barline changes to other flows. I often have multi-movement files with unusual instrumental combinations and unusual bracket and barline settings, and I have to keep changing them for each new flow. It’s not a huge hassle but it certainly would save some steps.

I confess I’ve not tried this one before replying, but you can copy/paste system & frame break signposts in Write mode - is this also true for bracket/barline change signposts?

That would be a great feature and I was hoping I’d overlooked it but unfortunately it doesn’t work. Selecting the bracket/barline change signpost and trying to Alt-click it somewhere else only deselects the signpost. Could I consider this a feature request?

What would happen if you added a couple of extra measures to your customized flow and then split the flow before the empty measures to create a new flow? Would it retain the customization?

That’s a clever idea and I just tested it. Unfortunately it doesn’t work: the bracket/barline change reverts to the default.

I neglected to mention another point which is just as important to me. Part of the problem is not only not being able to copy the change to other flows but that all layouts revert to the default, as well. Besides the full score layout, I almost invariably have other layouts involving groups of instruments and any bracket/barline change I make to one layout has to be repeated, not only to all other flows, but to all other layouts as well. This can be quite time-consuming.

I’m sorry but I don’t completely understand if there’s a way to enable a new flow to continue the bracketing design from the previous flow?

No, not automatically. You would need to recreate the bracketing and bracing from the previous flow at the start of the new flow.