Losing download files (Download Assistant)

Hopefully someone can explain what could be the reason(s) why I am unable to retain the downloaded files from the Download assistant.
I am in the process of downloading for the fourth time, the content of The Grand 3. (31 GB)
What happens is when the download is completed and being verified by the download Assistant - each of the files begin to disappear one after another.
This has happened in the past with other large downloads requiring at least two attempts each to keep the files…
Twice today the download failed partway through (5GB +) of its own stating an error occurred.
My average download speed (Modem) is 730 kB’s, which equals roughly 15 seconds per MB. times a thousand for 1 Gb. times 31 GB = 7.75 hours to download.
I still have 29 GB to download for the percussion bundle.
The thrill is gone. :unamused:
Can anyone explain what may be happening?

I’d be suspicious of the drive you are downloading onto, either being close to full (but you’d have noticed that) or starting to fail. Can you try downloading to a different physical drive. Are you downloading onto an SDD or HD?

Also you don’t mention your OS but you should also run the appropriate utility to test the drive.

Hi raino
The drive I’m downloading to is SDD, 1 TB and has 277 free GB remaining. It’s where I store all the Cubase downloads. If the download (in progress) fails again, I’ll use another SDD drive.
Intel i7 processor 16 GB memory and a 1660 gigabyte graphics card. The PC operation is fine… could be the drive as you say - We’ll see how this download works out - but this has happened before as well and only with Cubase downloads.

Most downloads aren’t as huge as Cubase is. How is your network stability. The Download Manager will delete a file if it has reason to think it is corrupted.

Yes that is a good point about the network stability I’m on a modem, good enough for YouTube unless I want to pay the bucks for fiber services other than the downloads its not really required… yeah good point that could be part of the problem.
I was able to complete the downloads but as expected it took at least two attempts for the percussion bundle to finish (three files disappeared…) and the fifth attempt with the Grand 3 finally crossed the finish line.
Thanks for your input Raino - appreciated, Thanks