Losing Hardware insert rooting

Hi all,

I’ve 8 Stereo Hardware insert in my analog setup and patched in Cubase (VST connections> Hardware insert)
Although I’ve saved the 8 Stereo channels as “Favorite”, when laughing a cubase project with all my analog setup on (like all my converters that create ma aggregated device in audio pref.) I always have to setup again all channels Path for each send & return path of each 8 stereo channels which is so boring ! It’s not saved into the Cubase project.

I let you attached two picts of the rooting window in Cubase where the patch is lost.

I would be very happy to have a solution, I can’t imagine Steinberg let this situation as normal for a pro app. I’m on cubase 8.5.

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Did you tried even, to create a Project-Template, which you can join/launch anytime you want to make a new project? normally, at the minimun should there be the Hardware-Routings setted, so that you can jaming directly.

Hi Raz,

Thanks for your help, not tried, I will :slight_smile:

Hi Raz, hi all,

I’ve just recalled the project we were talking about but I lost again all my Hardware insert setting (need to fill all In/out).
it seems that project template is just a starting point for a new project but can’t be use to recall Hardware insert setting at any time.

Is someone from Steinberg could help me please ? I can’t lose 5 minutes to fix that issue each time I load a project :-/
Thanks in advance for your hand if your an expert user, your hand will be very appreciated :slight_smile:

Top left-hand corner of your picture - little ‘+’ and ‘-’ boxes; here you can access presets for configuration setups in this area. You can also add/save your own - press the ‘+’ button.

So, load your project then recall your preset (at least I think this is how its supposed to work.!).

It is a little clumsy how this area is deemed a ‘global’ setup page (for the whole system) and not (also.?) stored at a per-project level. I think it is an historical issue, embedded deep in Cubase’s old, old architecture, that would be a tremendous effort to re-write/modernise. But I’m only guessing.

Hope that helps

Thanks Bob for your quick answer and help.
Unfortunately, I understand what you mean but it doesn’t work like the “In” & “out” pages of the global VST connexion settings. Using “+” & “-” only show or hide all rooting setting for each send & Return. And I don’t have a Saving box (with preset) like for “In” and “out” pages. The only thing I have is “Favorite” which only allow me to save & load the number of Stereo Insert and that’s all. Indeed using the recall function of “Favorite” did not fill automatically all the setting inside and need to be handy fill which is not possible for a pro user.

So is this option of Preset Recall as In & OUT pages really missing in the Hardware inserts setting ? :-/
Need to be clarify by Steinberg I think, also because I passed a lot of time on Google & Youtube without finding any answer.


Ah.! ok Ben - so sorry; I was missing the fact you were on the hardware inserts page, and my wrong assumption the config presets (‘In and Out’ - which is what I was thinking of) would apply here - that’s a bummer…

Maybe other clever folks here or someone from SB will offer a comment or two… maybe there’s a solution… bit of a mess otherwise… :frowning:


No worries Bob it will be logical to find the same option box in that window :wink:
Yes really hoping Steinberg will save my life because music is my only job and I already have a lot of hardware to manage lol

Hi all,

Anyone from Steinberg to help me ?
Thanks in advance