Losing midi connection for few seconds?


Should of posted this awhile back. Since upgrading to Cubase 7 last year this problem has been consistent and happens 100% of the time. Not a huge deal but I would like to isolate the problem.

When launching cubase for the first time everyday, i can play couple notes from midi controller (Akai MPK61) and then it loses complete connections seemingly at can play nothing for about 5 seconds. Then it reestablishes itself and is fine for the rest of the day/session. Or until computer is rebooted.

Anyone else having this issue? Could be my USB extender, but im not too sure. I brought the issue up with steinberg and they replied with the following which of course i tried.

In Cubase go to devices, device setup, then midi port setup. Do you have "Use System Timestamp checked’? Make sure this is checked. Also make sure you select the specific midi port instead of all midi inputs. If you are not seeing midi in activity during this time this would driver issues with hardware and not necessarily a Cubase issue.

When you say USB extender, is it a hub or a USB extension cord?

I’d bypass those just to see if that makes any difference - at least to start with.

Otherwise it sounds like maybe a background program might be starting up & causing a Interrupt Request or something.

Also, have you changed or set anything in the ‘Run In Compatibility’ dialog box?

Reason I ask, is that I had that checked for Windows 7, and thus it caused me to have to wait 3-5 seconds every time I clicked ‘Save’ and sometimes just out of the blue. When I ‘unchecked’ that, those delays stopped.

Thanks for your reply. . . I will need to bypass the extender and see if its that. I haven’t changed or enabled Run in compatibility mode. Don’t think its a backround program issue either based on the way it happens every-time on first load only.

I use an MPK61 and an MPK-25 with two different boxes. No USB hubs used.

The behaviour you describe appears:

  • with both MPK-61 and MPK-25
  • with probably all DAWs (Cubase and Live tested)
  • with all standalone synths and softwares which receive MIDI data (for example NI Komplete)

I strongly believe this is a driver issue because it allways happen. Probably you have to live with it…

Well thats a relief I guess! haha… Although i dont seem to get the issue in Reason. But tomorrow I will open reason before anything else and test that way. I will keep you posted.

As for the driver, no update since 1.0? am I right?

The MPK-Series are class compliant Plug and Pray components. I cannot remember that I have installed dedicated drivers for my MPKs (its 2 years ago and a brain like a sieve does not really help… :slight_smile:). So besides a standard Windows driver incompatibility there is another option… AKAI hardware brain fart!

Did you had success with your reason?

Seems to me like something is still loading. Do you get right into playing back or recording something as soon as the project starts or do you give the project a little time after it loads?

In standalone applications I usually choose a sound and start jamming. When I work with Cubase, I give the loaded project one go to get the status of the project. After that I tweak some level stuff and from there I would start to record new tracks or change some MIDI recordings.

My feeling is, that this behaviour occurs when the units are booted cold for the first time of the day. I even have the feeling, that this occurs after a certain amount of notes have been played on the MPKs. I’ll double check tonight.


I too see a similar issue if I don’t wait for at least 30 seconds or so after the first project of the day loads for the first time. If I start playback or record something immediately after the project loads I will get a midi drop out at around bar #5 of the project. But if I wait the 30-45 seconds or so then no issues. For me it is not that big of an issue because I have learned to wait the 30-45 seconds but it is weird.

I just figured something is still loading during that timeframe. :sunglasses:


Yup you guys are right. Its the MPK for sure. Today I opened reason instead of Cubase and same thing. Then went into cubase and no problems at all.

I know when doing research on setting up the control functions i came across firmware updates. I guess could try them but probably not even worth the hassle. It is a minor problem nothing serious.

This is the NSA installing a note logger in background. They’d like to know whether you use the MPK for morse communication! :smiley: