Loss Of Mouse Wheel Control

I don’t see other reports of this unless I’m missing it. Not sure if it is a 7.05 or 7.0 issue in general being that I started ib version 7.0.5. The problem is sometimes I lose mouse wheel control while working on a project. No particular pattern as far as I can tell, all of the sudden its not there but the mouse works fine otherwise. To get it working again I have to save the project, close Cubase and reload everything. Anyone else experiencing this?

Yes, I do experience this. Not ‘all the time’ and I don’t know why or when exactly, but I do have this problem as well!

Personally, I fix it otherwise. I have 3 monitors. On 1 monitor is my mixer. Once I click the mixer, the mousewheel control is back on the project monitor as well.

Maybe you could try that as well ? Just click the mixer somewhere?

I have a 2 monitor setup. One monitor is project screen and other is mixer. I will try next time it happens. Still… it sounds like a bug.

Yes, definitely confirm this. I’ve no idea why, but in the main project window for me I find the up/down scrolling stops 1-2 times per hour. I have a dual monitor setup, Win7-64, Cb7.0.4 64bit.

I have noticed that I can get it started again by selecting and scrolling in a midi editor window, but I haven’t really identified this as a 100% workaround. Sometimes it starts again anyway.

TBH I’m generally too busy to stop working and find a solution to this, I just start using the windows sliders instead. It’s a complete pain when it happens because I’m quite often scrolling up/down to find tracks!


Its a sore point with a few of us… though, I seem to have found a (mostly) reliable repro. But there is no formal ‘Issue’ raised in the Issues forum pages as yet, cos no-one’s written to agree with my experience of it happening immediately after a ‘Save As…’ operation… :wink:

Ergo, could just be my system…

Anyhow, see here:-