Loss of sound quality when using groups.

Hi guys

I have cubase artist 7 running on windows 7. I’ve noticed that if I create a group track and send a sound to it as opposed to the stereo buss there is a noticable loss of quality. This is with no plugins or level changes applied, everything at zero. Any Ideas? There’s an obvious difference.



Are you routing a stereo signal to a mono group??

How would you describe the difference in sound?

no it’s mono sounds to stereo group. The sound is duller / less forward.

I wondered if the audio engine or routing is different in cubase artist.


It should sound the same afaik.

I can’t hear any difference trying it in full 7.

Is the level of the group increasing or reducing any clipping on the master?

That’s because the group channel isn’t “tube”.

You may want to look at the input level of your stereo group bus. I would think that the summing algorithm for a group bus would be the same as for the mains out, so what you’re hearing is likely to be clipping, on the group bus. I’ve encountered similar things when grouping together large backing vocal packages.

You won’t get clipping if you overload the group busses (assuming the audio engine is the same 32Bit floating point system as the full version of Cubase). There must be something else causing the change in sound.

To the OP… when you say you are ‘sending’ the signal to a group… are you using an aux send, or are you routing the channel output to the group channel. Simply passing a signal through a group should definitely NOT alter the sound in any way.

Something really weird happed to my sound quality the other day after upgrading c7.5 to the latest update, each time i activated certain vst on the sound went muffled and weird, restarted cubase and it went away and i hope it never comes back as nothing has changed in my set up other than i upgraded the latest update.

@chris995: that can happen with non-bought plugins sometimes… not saying you’re using downloaded plugins, but just saying… :slight_smile: