Loss of transient at slice.

Hi team, Im having issues when slicing up bounced drums.

I’ve bounced out a kick drum, sliced it to get ready for a sampler. But it lost the initial transient, the click. I have to move the region out at least 1/16th-1/128thd to hear the transient click. This never happened with previous versions of cubase. I Could normally just cut it right on the beat. It really sounds like a fade in because the closer i move it in, the more it cuts the transient. This also happens when I just slice the loop up. Is there some kind of auto fade happening? I had a look and there are no fades on the event and the region is before a zero crossing.

Im not sure if its my settings but has anyone experienced this issue before.

Im using Cubase 11 on Mac OSX Catalina.

As per the attached photo;

If i move any closer, the transient is lost. It’s really strange and frustrating. This has never happened before.


Do you see the Fade-In visually?

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Just something to try I had the very same thing a few days ago on 10.5. It drove me nuts until I eventually worked out I had set a track level Autofade on in the Inspector. Probably not it but worth a look!