Lost a bunch of files - did an 'Import Track to Project' realized wrong settings, removed/trash files. Now gone fromorig

Has this happened to anyone before?

I ‘Imported Tracks from Project’ into a new project, realized I imported at wrong settings, so I removed the tracks and then did ‘Remove Unused Media’ and ‘Empty Trash’, and now they are gone from the original project I was importing from.

I’m pretty sure that is what happeend, I may have messed up… but I’m pretty sure that is what happened. If that is the case… this is TERRIBLE protocol.

Can we please have a preference where we can decide where ‘Empty Trash’ goes, whether it’s the PCs recycling bin, and a user defined location on a separate hard-drive.

Like comon, it’s 2020.

Hi there

Two thoughts, surely your files are in the recycle bin, and secondly, it gives an option to “remove files from pool”, isn’t that what you wanted to do? I have used this often without problems.

Best Regards, Dave

Thanks for the response, no I needed to completely remove the files from the pool as I needed to re-import the same files but at the proper settings - I didn’t want to create duplicates, thus, I ‘Empty Trash’ in the pool which does not send files to the computers recycling bin, it skips recycling bin and completely deletes them.

I think we need a protocol and preference to have a directory to send trashed files, that would be a good safety precaution if users want it.

The real problem is that Cubase only checks whether the files are used in the current project, not in all projects in the same folder. I’ve been hit by this problem myself a few times.

Okay so this is not just me then, thanks for letting me know this

You are given the option to delete the files or just remove from pool. If you delete the files then they are obviously deleted.

I think this is a huge problem. luckily it also happened to me in a trial trial. it is very risky to be able to delete audio files contained in another project! it should be managed separately. often due to stress, you can fall into a fatal error and deleting files for a customer could be the end of a working relationship!

please steinberg, change this. it’s my little-big request.

I think you’re missing the point in that we are discussing this in the context of there being two projects and deleting in one, should not delete from the other - I know how ‘Remove Unused Media’ and ‘Empty Trash’ work and what the consequences of those actions are within a project. I think it should work exactly the same as ‘Back up Project’, where deleting files in the backup, does not delete them from the original and vice versa.

If I have a Project Template that I want to import tracks into from another project (in order to get the tracks into a templated workflow), any deleting/cleaning up I do in the new templated project, should not delete them from the original. That makes zero sense.

I suppose as the protocol is currently working, it treats ‘Import Track from Project’ as a referencing protocol, rather than a copying protocol. I think maybe the original thought process being, people who work in post/tv/film, may be using a lot of the same assets over and over and reference them all from one master project, pool/library. This hardly makes sense today though where hard-drive space is cheap, and it’s really not illustrated anywhere that this is how the protocol works.

There at the very least needs to be a clear warning, or better, an option in the ‘Import Tracks from Project’ dialogue where the user can decide between ‘Make New Copies’ or ‘Reference from Original Project’

I think I have over the 15 years or so, ran into this problematic protocol multiple times without realizing it - “huh, how did I f*** that up… uhhhm, why are all these events blank”.

I’m just saying that when you empty trash, you are asked if you wanna Erase the files from disk or just remove from Pool.
Obviously if you Erase files from disk they will no longer be available to other projects as the files no longer exist on your drive.

I do see your point though. However when you import a track from other project there are a checkbox if you wanna copy media files to current working directory, so remember to select that option and the files will no longer be shared.