Lost a Project after Renaming it the Same Name as Another Project (Nameswap FAIL)

I had two projects and I wanted to swap their names with each other. When I renamed the first file to the same name as the second file, it showed a quick error message with a ‘-1’ at the end of line… and what I ended up with was two identical projects with different names.

In other words, the project that I was renaming swallowed up the the other projects’ content and now I have two of the same project with different names.

There is no ‘undo’ available and nothing in the Trash. Is there any way that I can recover the track files that were saved over?

Thanks to anyone that can shed some light on this. The lesson here is don’t name or rename a project after one that has the same name.

Hi @sidewinder,

Thank you very much for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum.

I’m sorry to read about your problem, which I’ve shared with the team.
I will try to get back to you asap, once we’ve exchanged about the topic.


Hi again @sidewinder,

Your bug report has been added to our bugbase.
Could you please try the following and let us know about your results?

  • Open the iOS files app, go into the folder of each project and check if the name of the cbp file inside is the same as the project name (e.g. “A.cbp” folder and inside “A.cbp” file).

  • Or maybe there are 2 cbp files inside a folder, in which case moving one of them (the one with the different name) outside directly into the Cubasis 3 folder and restarting Cubasis 3 might resolve the issue.

We look forward to hear from you.


Hi LSlowak,

There is a single cbp file inside each of the project folders of both the original and renamed file –and they are named the same as the project. There are 2 cbp files in the Backup folder inside each of the project files (same name as well), but it looks as though that’s just standard since all of my projects have this folder structure.

Even though the cbp files were both named the same, I still tried moving them outside the project folder, but it just made another duplicate of the project that originally cannibalized the project that I wish to recover.

Thanks for the suggestion. If there is a solution to this issue, it probably is in this backend file system.

Again, I appreciate the support and would be willing to try another method if anything comes to mind.

All the best,

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for your updated message, which I’ve shared with the team.
Will let you know when we have some new feedback.


Hi Carlos again,

Here comes another feedback from our engineers:
One more thing that you could try would be to copy the cbp files from the backup folder to the main Cubasis 3 folder (outside the Project folder). They will show up in the MediaBay a few seconds later, maybe one of them is an autosaved backup of the project that got overwritten.

We look forward to hear about your results.