Lost a song, not in it's folder anymore.

HELP anyone please!! A whole song has disappeared from my folder and it’s nowhere to be found… I’m running cubase 7.5 on a mac pro. I have a backup, but it’s missing the last 3 days after working night and day on it. I was loading up the uad effects and some wave effects while mixing, with a lot of effects slots filled with a lot of instances, because I was almost done the song…then I decided to throw a couple of midi backup singers in there… I was exporting them to wav files so I could delete the midi files which slow things down for me… For the first time ever, I saw a little icon bobbing up and down at the bottom right of my mac, and when the track was done exporting, a window popped up and said “upload manager error”…Then I clicked ok, it disappeared, so I exported the 2nd midi track thinking it would be all good… It exported it no problem and I checked it by itself to see if it was fine and all was good… I put the 2 wav files on the appropriate tracks and hit play to listen to all the tracks together… Then cubase crashed and I got the normal popup that said cubase has closed. I thought nothing of it but when I went to the folder it was in, it wasn’t there…I opened up a new song and checked the recent history where I can see the song title I was working on, and when I click it a window pops up saying this file does not exist, would I like to remove it from the history…Did I just lose all that work for good? Has anybody had something similar happen to them? Any help would be very very much appreciated…Thank you.


I have never experienced this, and I’m sorry for this.

Did you try to use Spotlight, or something like EasyFind, to search for your project?

Thank you for the reply Martin, and I actually found it in the trash can woohoo!!! I checked the trash can when it first happened and it wasn’t there…I eventually restarted my computer and lo and behold, it was in the trash can when I restarted. It’s all backed up multiple places now…lol…Cheers!

I’m glad, you found it.