Lost Activation Code

Hello! I bought an UR24C 2x4 USB 3.0 Audio Interface on 2021 and I remembered to have downloaded Cubase AI (don’t remember the version). Last year I had to replace my laptop and now I want to reinstall the applications. I read that I had to “reactivate” but i don’t see the licenses in the e-licenser app. I don’t have the paper with the activation code, and I don’t fully understand what software may I download from the download manager.

Did I lost my license o can I recover it? I thought it could be recovered because I have the hardware registered, but it don’t seem to work.

Any suggestion?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Get in contact with your local Steinberg support. Provide them the email address you are using on your MySteinberg account. They will be able to help you.

Thanks Martin

I will try contacting them.

But its says Yamaha for Chile… Is that ok?


Do you see the license in your My Steinberg account?

I see this. I downloaded and installed Cubase AI some time ago. But I just want now to install it again. Am I lost?

Nothing in Software.
In eLicensers I see my eLicenser , but no activation code available

Nothing in the Software tab?

No, nothing.

I installed the software but I dont know why it is not in there.

You activated Cubase AI, but forgot to register it in your account.

@Matthias_Quellmann Can you help him?


Go to Yamaha website, as it is written here, please.

Local Steinberg support is pretty much non existent in south America.

There are some big Yamaha stores, but they sell bikes, or keyboards. They know nothing about Cubase.

I wrote to local support in South América and they responded me with the original activation code, and it didn’t work. Then I wrote them again telling them that and they supplied me with another code that worked!

So, YES, support exists. I was somewhat scared by what Giovanni wrote, but the support ended being very helpful!

Thanks all for your help!


Good to know local support is actually working now, and good to know they solved your problem.