Lost all key commands that start with control-option-command for some reason?

I had set up a bunch of key commands that started with control-option-command plus a letter (on a Mac) but for some reason none of them work anymore. When I go into the Key Commands editing window, I see that they are still assigned (also see attached screenshot). However, if I try to re-enter them by choosing “Press shortcut” it won’t allow me to choose those 3 characters together anymore (other combinations, such as control-command plus a letter, DO work). I’m also noticing that when I’m working in Dorico Pro and just hit those 3 keys together (control-option-command) I see the grid value superimposed onto the System Track (the same as if I pressed only “option”). So not sure if this is somehow overriding my ability to also use those 3 command keys together to create new key commands? Thanks for any help.

I wonder whether you might have inadvertently changed your keyboard layout or input method?

Do you mean within Dorico? I checked the Mac OS “Keyboard” setting in my Mac’s System Preferences and made sure to turn off all key command assignments that might conflict (thinking this might be it), but unfortunately no dice - it’s still the case that when I try to assign “Tranpose” to Control-Option-Command in Dorico Key Commands, it still simply won’t let me, even though it WILL let me use Control-Command plus a letter. I’m completely perplexed.

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Control-Option-Command and what other character? You can’t use only Control-Option-Command because that is a combination that only includes modifiers.

Finally coming back to this and have figured out what is causing my problem. Every time I press “OPTION” on my Mac keyboard, it causes the System Track to show or un-show. I know this can be set in Key Commands, but it’s currently UNset (see attached) and yet this behavior keeps happening. The problem with this is that any other key command I create that includes option (and most of mine were previously control-option-command plus a letter, since it was easy to remember for various functions) now don’t work - it seems like pressing that Option and invoking “show System Track” takes precedence. Please tell me how to solve this with thanks.

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I suspect this is a red herring. Alt allows you to copy a selected object or passage to anywhere else, and shows the rhythmic grid in order to give you precision when clicking to paste, regardless of whether the System Track is globally on or off.

For what it’s worth, I can’t replicate your problem with or without the system track.

It is possible that your JSON keycommands file is a bit messed up?

How would I check that?

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Well, there are online JSON validators, where you can check that you file is valid JSON format (e.g. all the brackets are paired correctly and no missing commas); but I believe that Dorico will flag an error or just ignore the file if it’s invalid.

However, it’s possible that the file might contain some ‘legal error’. You could post it here and I’ll take a look.

Thanks! I’ve attached the JSON file - do let me know if something seems out of whack as it’s definitely a strange issue:

There’s no obvious error in the JSON file. Have you changed your keyboard language or otherwise interfered with those kinds of settings?

Finally figured out the issue (and it’s definitely in the “d’oh!” category) - I at some point had changed my global key commands in my Mac’s keyboard preferences such that it was using option-left arrow for something, etc. When I removed this the problem seems to have gone away…Thanks all -

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