Lost all my mediabay settings:p


I have 5 lines of filters and also all the colums from the result window set for work.
Nuendo crashed and all mediabay is back to default :stuck_out_tongue:
Isn’t there a place where settings are stored ?
to bad there’s not save function for presets in mediabay really.

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What is your OS?

Windows: Open prefs folder > properties > previous version…
Mac: No idea but presume it has something similar.

Try to backup prefs regularly btw. :slight_smile:

i’ll look at those “previous version” thx. I realised other things were by default after that crash. Like the Always on Top window settings.

Hi I had a crash again and all my pref are lost ! (not only the mediabay)
And looking at prefs folder > properties > previous version
I don’t understand where that is ?
I’m looking in
\Users<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg
is that correct ?
no “previous versions” here

So after it happened the first time, you didn’t backup?

Anyway here’s how to enable previous versions. But you really just need to backup.

If this is too complex, once you have got your prefs how you like them, back them up.