Lost ALL my presets & Templates

Hello Cubase forum; I would appreciate some insight to how to fix this problem. I think I know what cause this because I never did this before. I had just exited out of Cubase and was about to sleep, when I clicked it again by accident; and to save myself waiting for it to load before I got out again, I quickly pulled out my USB Elicenser. When I tried to use it the next day, it ask me to register my product, all recent projects, templates, and presets were gone. I tried to research myself to fix this and learn mediabay has all the presets and templates, but I dont know how to activate them.
Greatly Appreciated

Thats was silly :laughing:

Have you tried a rescan of mediabay?

Yes I have but im possibly not doing it right. I scan mediabay, it shows my presets etc. , but when i check for instance my compressor, none of them are there still. Do I need to add or someting after recaning? Can someone give me a runthru or anymore insight

I still need help with my problem please

Prefs re-initialized. Set it up all over again and save the preset for future.

When I go to prefrences, I see the various headings and sub headings, but its not like mediabay where when i scan the file, my lost presets show but i dont know how to activate them. In the prefences i tried to restore defaults to all headings and apply, but that didnt’t fix it. I know you said to reinitialize, set up, but i couldnt figure out how to set up the contents :blush: anyone help please

Pref settings and mediabay scan settings are in the Prefs files that got wiped. You need to set up all of this again. Other things like key commands and such, if you didn’t have them backed up, are gone and need to be done over from scratch.

Do you mean no longer shown in the “load preset…” window for the plugin? if so, they are probably still on disk, and you just need to navigate to the right location. In the plugin window, do “load preset…” . Then you need to enable the location tree by clicking the symbol at the lower left corner (“setup window layout”), then enable “filters” and “location tree”. Then you should be able to see a list of locations for presets for that plugin at the top. Select them all, and the presets should appear in “search results”. Note that sometimes you have to close and reopen the “load prset” window to get the list to refresh correctly… Hope that helps.

yes I mean that, but also there are no templates when I start up the program, and it asks me to register every time. I tried what you said and for example my mono delay presets, but whats shown are instumental presets which obviously won’t contain a compressor or mono delays presets; though im missing the instrumental ones too. What I find interesting is that everything I have lost is still shown in mediabay, but I don’t know how to activate them back into the former location. N8 has been telling me about re initializing presets, but when I go to preferences, I dont know how to set up them up again, (like im not sure which heading etc)

does this help - https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/cubase-and-nuendo-program-preferences-files-in-detail/ ?