Lost all my ratings and mediabay Tags.

I just did a reinstall of my system, I saved all of my vst3 presets, but unfortuanately I lost all of my tags,ratings and descriptions.

I need to know from steinberg, how to correctly back these up, so this never happens again.


oh shit. So backing up the VST presets and the db file from the locations I showed you in the other thread did not help?

This is terrible news and my heart sank into my stomach when I read your statement. I have literally 25,000+ tagged and media bayed samples and am worried sick of what would happen to them, as I have backed up the VST3 presets directory and the db file exactly as I told you to do, but am yet to format or experience a detrimental loss which would force me to recover from my backup.

I am soo sorry for your loss, but at the same time this is good to find out exactly what went wrong and where we need to look for a proper and reliable backup of our tags for the future.

Steinberg, with all the effort and time put into categorizing our samples, how EXACTLY do we safely and reliably back these up for future recovery?

Please do chime in before many others lose all their hard work. I spent many months last summer getting my Halion 4 sample collection to where it is now and could not afford to do it all over again.


I asked this question months ago, see the thread:


There was no answer from Steinberg.

Gr, Mike

Yeah I’m really let down by this, I have no real clue as to where these db files are supposed to located @

did you put them back where you originally copied them from? c:\users\yourname\appdata\roaming\Steinberg\Halion 4

Question to Steinberg:

If I have a HDcrash and have to come back from Timemachine, are all ratings restored from that backup?
If i am going from Snow Leopard to Lion, how can I transfer my ratings of all my VSTis, rated loops in
Loopbrowser etc.

I hope for an answer,
thanks Mike

Hi Yes I copied the vst3 presets exactly as they we’re, placed them where they needed to go, and the patches themselves load, but with no data so pretty much useless until Steinberg tells us the correct path/procedure.

I remember when I owned cubase 4/5 there was a FEW database files needed to correctly pull back the tags inside their mediabay… .from a freshly formatted cpu or new installation

hmmmm… the VST3 preset files were to go in

C:\Users\yourname\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALion 4

but I also added in that you may need the database file which was located here

C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\HALion 4

did you do both?

Read in one of the earlier posts where I mentioned this. Did you happen to forget the second database file placement?

I think I did. ouch, I’ve better remember this for the future, have you tested to see if this works?

I am lucky that I am yet to have to format or recover from a crash, so no, I have not tried it. You unfortunately were the guinea pig. I am still unsure if the info I gave you was correct, but I did know the db file location and remember mentioning it in the other thread you started just in case. I didn’t think it would be so cut and dry as to only have to save the VST preset folder.

We are still somewhat in the dark about this and would like an official response from Steinberg as to the true way to properly back up all our hard work of sample tagging.

I have reached out to Steinberg for an official answer on this.

Thank you my friend, I don’t mind being the 1st to attempt it, as long as we can finally get an answer from them.
I plan on doing alot of work, and creating my own personal libraries for H4 so this is the most important feature I need to know about. Surprisingly they haven’t made much of a forum effort yet, maybe no one knows. lol :laughing:

I also found it to be quite shocking that the tutorial I purchased recommended from the forum,made no mention of it, it’s quite important.

apparently Matthias is to be stopping in here with an official word. I suppose we just be patient for that arrival.

Oh thats great news, will be very welcome.

Hi all,

I don´t know, why there is no anwser from Steinberg. Do they not read this posts?

Gr, Mike

I am looking forward to the answer.

Yes can someone from Steinberg answer this question, I’ve pmd Mat, and still no response. I’ve created a large number of chord trigger pad presets and I wanna make sure I can back these up as well, please let us know this…

Hi there,

depending where you have tagged your presets (Cubase MediaBay or HALion MediaBay) you have to back up the specific user presets and DB files.

If you have tagged you presets in HALion you have to back up this locations:

“drive”:\Users"username"\Documents\VST3 Presets

for all User Presets.

“drive”:\Users"username"\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\HALion 4_64 (or HALion 4_32 for 32 Bit systems)

That’s where the MediaBay data base files (.db) are placed and where all changes of the factory presets tagging are stored.

If you back up these files and replace them after you have reinstalled Cubase or HALion everything should be fine.

But if you have tagged your presets in the Cubase MediaBay you should back up all the files in the documents folders as well as the complete DB folder (drive:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg).

Please let me know if this is what you were asking for.

Thank you Matthias for chiming in. Short of being able to verify the accuracy of your post, this is what we have been looking for, a precise location listing of which directories and files need to be backed up. It appears I was on the right track the entire time and unfortunately Electronix probably would have been ok had he backed up the db files as well as the preset files.

Thank you Matt