Lost all my sounds

I cannot see any sound anymore when I have started up Halion Sonic. The only sound I have is the default sound Sonic Dancer. What has happened and how to fix?

I can find the sounds in the 64 bit version but not in the 32 bit version so still an issue. Please help!

In Cubase 5, 32 bit, I can access the Halion Sonice in my old Cubase projects but still I cannot see any sound if I open a new instance of Halion Sonic as instrument track. Same goes for Halion Sonic standalone. As said before, works on 64bitversion

Hi again. I’m totally lost and really need help. Why the hell cannot I see any sound to choose from. I have tried rescan disk but no success. Totally empty. Are the sounds in 64 bit version different located than for the 32 bit version. I’m desperate and need help. I wan’t to play music, not being a PC technician…

Investigated further. No one seems to have any clue. Steinberg neither…
I reinstalled Sequel 3, 32-bit program. Still no sounds presented in the main category window but they are found when I choose Load preset.

But when I go back to Cubase 5 I still cannot find any sound evn though I try Load preset function. I will continue checking Mediabay scanning, the rescan takes very long time though

Hi there,

Sorry that you are having issues with HALion Sonic. Have you tried to update HALion Sonic to the latest version?
Are you talking about HALion Sonic SE?

Hi. Yes. I’m using latest Halion sonic version. v1.6.3. In standalone 32-bit version I cannot see any sound. When using Cubase Artist 7 32-bit I can get all sounds using ‘Load preset’. Works good. But it’s easier handled if I see the sounds directly in the inbuilt filter function in Halion Sonic so it must be fixed.

For 64 bit version it works perfect, both in standalone and in Cubase.

Have tried rescan lots of times with no luck.