Lost all plugins


I was trying out the plugin manager for the first time, and was working on getting all my plugins organized. I had copied the default plugin collection and was customizing it, when I tried checking the “Remove Unavailable plugins from All Collections” option after I had gone through in the left pane of the manager and hidden a lot of VST 2 plugins that I had VST 3 versions of. The result has caused a bit of panic - all plugins were deleted from both the Default collection and my custom collection. I’m used to Sonar and i would just reset and rescan at this point, but I can’t find any such function in Cubase. Also, closing Cubase and re-opening did not trigger a rescan or restore at least the default collection.

I’m RTFMing now but first pass didn’t find an answer to this in the manual, so I will continue looking, but thought it would be a good idea to see if anyone here could help.

I’m using Cubase 10.0.5 on Win 7 x64.


So, I was in thhe plugin manager and hit the “Update information for all plugins” button in the upper right of the information pane and it was scanning my plugins, and Cubase crashed. When I restarted Cubase and went back to the plugin manager, all my plugins were back in the default collection! So I’m confused, but happy to have my plugins back. This was my third crash with Cubase 10, btw. Is there something I’m doing wrong or am I just hitting a glitch or bug?

What is the proper function of the “Remove Unavailable plugins from All Collections” option? I guess I’m fuzzy on the “Available” part. I assumed that it would remove plugins that I had hidden in the left pane of the manager. Why would that option remove all my plugins? Still confused here.

Nobody has an explanation for what the “Unavailable Plugins” are supposed to be? I’ve got everything sorted now, but I would really like to know how that button is supposed to operate, and if is this a bug.

I don’t use this feature, but I’ve assumed it means that it will remove plug-ins that it once could find the .dll for but now can’t. This could be useful when moving a Project to a different computer with a different plug-in collection for example.

Hi Raino,

Thanks for the reply. That was my thinking, but it removed every single plugin, even from the Default collection. Your description would make sense, but that’s not how it seems to operate currently.