lost all sounds

After installing the latest update I’m seem to have lost all sounds. Or maybe this had nothing to do with the update.

I’ve loaded the pro playback template, I’ve checked the mixer, nothing is muted. The green playback line moves during playback over the score but no sound. In the Halion Sonic SE 3 window, the instruments are loaded, but no sound is heard when playing the little keyboard. And the levels show no activity when playing here or in the mixer window. Notes do not audition when clicked. I’ve restarted a couple times as well.

Is this something simple that I’ve done? I don’t know what else to check. Here is a diagnostic report.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (552 KB)

Try clicking off the leftmost of the three buttons buttons under the words VST Instruments in your image. That button is (IIRC) an on/off button for the HALion Player.

EDIT: Actually, even though it was unlit in my test file and produced sound, when I started clicking those buttons on and off, the sound went away when they were not lit; so that probably is not the answer.

Have you tried reapplying the HALion Playback Template and clicking Apply?

Yes I’ve done both those things but still no sound. It’s interesting how much one relies on sounds when you using notation software

Edit: Once again I clicked the on/off button in the VST instruments panel while in playback and the sound returned. Thank you Derek.

I seem to have run into this same problem as of this morning. I finished an orchestral project for a class I’m taking, and then, moved on to another flow. Deselected the instruments I didn’t need for that new flow,. Kept the Piano. Then after writing some parts on the piano, I added 2 string instruments from the list I already had in the setup view. Since then, the Piano is the only instrument that plays back. My orchestral piece is completely muted, except for the piano part.
Don’t know what else to do to fix this, and I’m on a timeline since this project is my class final, due in about a week.
Please, anyone help.
Thank you and very much appreciated.

Can you try Play > Reset All Solo States and Reset All Mute States?

I only see “Deactivate All Solo States” & “Deactivate All Muted States”.
Are these the choices you’re talking about?

I just found in Help the following key command that apparently did the trick:

  • To deactivate all solo instrument states, press Shift-Alt/Opt-S.
    Thanks for the suggestion