lost audio

Nothing wrong with Cubase, but I have somehow dissociated audio clips from the events. I can see the missing clips in the pool but in the project window it show the events as blank (other than the event name) spaces within the track. It shows the wave form if I go to event edit, but will not sound. I’m out of my depth here. Any help?

To be clear, in a tired fugue state I cleaned up the wrong file and put some contents in the trash. When I realized my error I replaced them using the “Find Missing file” function. The project shows all files (by which I think it refers to audio clip) as present now. In the project window, however, several clips such as “bass_40” have only a straight line through the event and no sound in that part of the track. When I switch to the edit audio event window I can see the outline of the waveform, but still no sound. I’m wondering if it has to do with missing Edit or .peak files. In not sure how to find which files go where as they seem to have (to me) obscure names. Bottom line, Do not work with Cubase 7.5 when overly tired.

A .peak file holds indeed the graphic representation of a clip, but that doesn’t explain why it does not sound. I sometimes just erase the .peak file to have it rewritten after editing in Wavelab. Is the event muted somehow? Click right and select the X tool to toggle mute. It may also be an idea to see if the ‘bass_40’ file does sound from another player.

Thanks for the suggestion. I checked the muting and nothing appears to be set to Mute. The sounds will play as an audio stand alone clip, in Media Monkey for example. This is very frustrating as you can imagine.

I have recently completed a search for the audio file in the media pool. all seem to be accounted for. According to the Cubase operation manual, I should be able to audition them directly from there. I can see the file paly, but cannot hear it. This is true for all of my songs, not just the problematic one. I must have a setting off, but don’t see anything to adjust. The songs play fine, but not anything in the media pool. It would be helpful in sorting this out if I could do that. Thanks, g