Lost clarity when Mixing

Hi! Can anybody tell why the sound changes when I mix ?
When I am working on the piece in Cubase the sound is cleaner. When I get it mixed there is more bass and clarity is kind of lost…
Any suggestion?


Where do you hear the mixed WAV file? What kind of player do you use? Is there any EQ in the player? Do you use the very same output/speakers, like you are using in Cubase?

Or from the other side, do you use any plug-in in the Control Room’s Monitor bus?

Hi Martin! Thanks for writing! :slight_smile: I am using both Audacity and wmplayer. I have not put any EQ on them. I am using the same boxes.
With Control Room’s Monitor bus I am not very friendly… I have not done anything myself.
But when I work on the song in Cubase sound is clearer than later when I listen to the mix in Audacity or Windows Media Player.


How does it sound, if you import the mixdown WAV back to Cubase and play it back, please?

Tank you very much Martin! That was a very bright idea! It’s obvious that the problem is in the player itself because back in Cubase the wav file sounds the same as the nonmixed cubase.


Or, there is still the option, you are using any Insert plug-in (you are not aware of) in the Control Room, which is in use for monitoring only (and Control Room is global settings, so it’s applied in any project), which is not printed to the export.

Open CR (Control Room) in the Project- or MixConsole window and down switch to the Inserts tab, please. Then open all Control Room busses to make sure, there is no Insert applied at any bus.

Hi Martin! I saw your last message yesterday. So I tried to enter Control Room, but I got te message that it is desabled. So… Do I have to enable it to do the check you mentioned?


If Control Room is disabled, the Inserts of the Control Room are not applied. So in that case, I was on a wrong track, sorry.

Thank you Martin!
I guess the problem is in the Audacity I use.