Lost connection to sound card

I’ve been using Cubase 6 on Windows 7 with a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB sound card with no problems, until it accidently got disconnected. On reconnection, Cubase no longer recognises the route to the sound card (though with Windows Media Player the Saffire 6 works fine). Currently my Cubase files show the recordings visually, but no sound emerges (and the level indicator on playback is blank). ‘VST connections’ on the ‘Devices’ menu just tell me that stereo inputs and outputs are not connected, and I sometimes get a ‘Missing ports’ dialogue referring to ‘unmapped ports’.

What’s gone wrong, and how can I fix it? Any help appreciated.

Check device setup, Cubase may have switched to a different driver when your soundcard disconnected, to make use of the internal soundcard for instance. Switch to the ASIO driver of your usb soundcard.

Thanks Strophoid. I actually tried this and it brought up a list of alternatives, one of which seems to be operating (Focusrite USB 2 Audio Driver) and allowing some signals in and out. It won’t let me select the Focusrite USB ASIO Driver: this just brings up some strange heiroglyphs. On the ‘VST System Link’ option, it tells me that both ASIO input and output are still not connected.

Strange things happen, though. Cubase is outputting sounds from files in some projects, but not from others (tho’ the level indicators in the silent ones now tell me that audio signals are present). How is a chap supposed to understand all this?

Check output routing on the individual tracks.

Hm, it’s strange that you have 2 focusrite drivers to choose from anyway.
You can forget about VST system link, this is not relevant for your setup, it’s in fact an entirely different feature.

Some fixer’up tips:try the asio4all driver or deinstall/reinstall your soundcard driver and try again via Device menu. Strange things happen. :unamused:

Thanks folks: advice takem. Problem seems to be sorted.