Lost cubase AI 6 disc


I purchased a Yamaha Thr10 a year ago but did not have a computer at the time, so did not get to try the bundled cubase software. I have now finally bought a new laptop, but have managed to lose the cubase AI 6 disc that came with the amp!

Today I have downloaded the trial version of cubase elements 8 and I will really miss it when the trial expires.

Is there any way for me to activate and download cubase now (laptop doesn’t have a CD drive)?

I can provide amp serial number and purchase receipt if necessary

Many thanks for any help


Here, you can find Cubase AI 6.0.5 ISO.

Thank you Martin

Do you know how I would be able to activate this, given I cannot find the disc with serial number?

Many thanks


If you already activated you Cubase AI 6 before, go thru the Reactivation process. If it has not been activated yet, then it will be tricky, if you don’t have any codes (Activation Code or Download Access Code).

Unfortunately I never activated it, as I did not have a working computer when I bought the amp last year.

It is disappointing as I have enjoyed the free trial and would even have considered paying to upgrade to this latest elements version. I can’t justify paying the full price at the moment

I submitted a support request ticket 2-3 weeks ago but no response yet

Many thanks though for trying to help Martin