Lost cubase Al6

I upgraded from Al6 to elements 6 and then went onto 7 but in the course of time changing from windows 8 to 8.1 my cubase was one of the programs that got lost. I now have reactivation codes for al6 and have to reactivate all my upgrades. However my cubase al 6 disc came with my Yamaha THR10 and it got lost over the last 2 years so how do I replace the disc or is there a download somewhere on Steinberg for lost software? I still have 7 bought and paid for waiting to be activated but need the al 6 program installed on my computer to do this.

sent a PM.

Great jeff thanks now all I gotta do is re activate my elements 6 and 7, but it says the activation codes I have were already used and there isn’t a license on my elicenser that is upgradeable. even though I have 7 installed, what next? i think your response by the way was perfect and it’s great to have al6 up and running again. Forgot How good it was. Do the Steinberg team have an ancestral relationship to the tribe of Levites who were blessed with unbelieveable musical talent?

So now I got the Al6 going upgraded to elements 6 and then finally managed cubase elements7 OK. What a great bit of kit! It was worth all the aggro! However I was sorely tempted to go the full hog and purchased the upgrade to 7.5 downloading the trial version at the same time. Now I’ve transferred the cubase 7 to my USB stick and the trial 7.5 is on there as well, but when I try to activate the upgrade to 7.5 it just keeps saying the activationcode is either invalid or the program is not activated. I can make do with the trial for the next 18 days but I’m hungry to use this kit! In my efforts to upgrade it may be that I’ll need a new activation code, because when I first tried to activate it I hadn’t transferred cubase 7 to my USB stick. I have also tried every port on my computer because I use a Dlink hub and thought it might overload. Somebody help please, and by the way to all those in Deutschland Froliches Pfingsten! The weather here in Northern Germany is beautiful and I am having a fag and a coffee outside in the garden checking out my Rhubarb, Blueberry and Tomatoe plants! The Bees are having a field day with the roses too!!!