Lost Dorico 3.5 activation after computer failure

Hi there,

I bought a copy of Dorico 3.5 in 2020 and the other day my computer stoped working so had to get a new computer.

I cannot get my copy of Dorico 3.5 working, when I log into the Steinberg activation manager. there is no sign of my purchase of Dorico 3.5

So I am running a demo of Dorico 5 at the moment which will run out next month, what is the fee (of any) for upgrading to Dorico 5 from Dorico 3.5

Idk the cost is to much how do I get Dorico 3.5 running on my new computer?

many thanks


Dorico 3.5 uses eLicenser which is the subject of this thread and is not covered by the Steinberg Activation Manager so you won’t see it there. Your license should be on your USB eLicenser dongle unless it was stored locally on the old computer in which case I’m sure the team will be able to assist as usual.

ah thanks dko22,

Yes it was never on a usb dongle, it was all done online!

So you have a Dorico Elements or SE Version, these Editions use a Soft eLicenser. That is licenses that is stored on the disk of your Computer.

If you got a new Computer you need to reactivate the Soft eLicenser on the new machine. How this works is described here

see this :slight_smile: :

John, if you’re unable to reactivate your Dorico 3.5 license online (which it seems like you might, because you may not have registered your license in your MySteinberg account at the time), please have a look in your email archive for the receipt from our online shop, which will contain the activation code for your original license. If you contact our support team with the information from your sales receipt, they’ll be able to help you. Even if you can’t find your sales receipt, if you have an idea what email address you used for the transaction, they should be able to find your order and get you back up and running again.

If you’re then interested in updating to Dorico 5 to take advantage of the special offer that’s currently running, you have until 26 June to do so.