Lost download activation code

Hello guys.
I recentlly reboot my computer and i delete all files including cubase. I manage to re-install eLinceser control center, and make a new activation code. I also download steinberg download assistant, and downloaded cubase 12 LE, but the main problem is that i lost my download access code, because i (not on my purpose) threw away the card which was inserted in a box with my interface… And ofc program want me to insert my download access code…
How can i fix that?
Thank you for all the answers

If you’ve already activated Cubase 12, then you don’t need the download access code anymore. You just have to sign-in to the Steinberg Activation Manager.

If you were using an older version of Cubase LE and hadn’t updated to Cubase 12 yet, you might have been emailed a new download access code for Cubase LE 12.

Thank you for answering me.
The problem is that i can’t open cubase 12 because the program can’t find the licence.

I also checked my email and i couldn’t found any message about new download access code…

I found the solution now haha. I found out that my licence can only work with cubase 11 LE, i didn’t know that i need to buy an upgrade…
Thank you again for helping me !

To clarify, users of older versions of Cubase LE and Cubase AI are supposed to receive an email with a free Cubase LE/AI 12 download access code:

Unfortunately, it looks like these emails never arrived for some users. You should contact your local Steinberg distributor or Steinberg Support and request an update code.

Of course, purchasing an upgrade to Cubase Elements 12 (or higher) would also be an option. It gives you access to a lot more of Cubase’s features and content.