Lost DVD

Hello there,

I have appeared to have lost my Cubase 4 dvd and need a replacement.

I have contacted support via the support form but haven’t heard anything from them.

Does anybody have any suggestions to what i should do?



You could always send an email to info at steinberg dot de and respond with your address if a disk set is available (limited run at time of manufacture) or simply upgrade.

Can’t you download it from the Steinberg site. As long as you have the e-licenser you can run it.

In general they are not available for donwload. I believe there is a version of Sx3 that can be downloaded. And there is a trial version of C6 (not sure you can download older trial versions) that becomes a full version if you have a license. But even then there is a lot of stuff on the DVD that you don’t get in the downloads.


SX3 is only available for transitioning of project to v4 and above.