Lost E Licenser, Deleted License, Reactivate?

I lost my USB elicenser, that contained a full version of cubase 7.5, and an update license for cubase 10.5.

I purchased a new USB e licenser, then went into my products (in my steinberg account) and removed the license from my old e licenser. I realise now I shouldn’t have done this.

I went to activate cubase 10.5 to my new USB E Licenser but because it’s an upgrade only, it’s looking for the original license for cubase 7.5. I originally purchased this boxed. But it’s almost 9 years ago now and I think I’ve probably thrown it out.

How can I get both versions of Cubase activated again?


Hi Tom,
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Did you register your old license with Steinberg? If so, you should find it in your MySteinberg account and can put it back on the old eLicenser again by performing the maintenance process of the eLicenser Control Center. Afterwards, you can optionally move the license to the new USB eLicenser.

If this doesn’t work for some reason, it’s also possible to request Zero Downtime support to directly reactivate the old license on the new eLicenser:

Hi Martin,


I’m pretty sure I would have registered the old license with Steinberg. but it is not listed in my products. I checked an old email address to see if it was registered there but it’s not an active email address with Steinberg. It’s possible I may have removed the 7.5 license at the same time that I (mistakenly) removed the 10.5 last week.

I still have both purchase invoices for the products. Would Steinberg be able to access a deleted registration or issue me with an alternative code?

Any other suggestions would be most welcome?


Hi Tom,

as far as I can tell, all registered licenses remain in your Steinberg account even if they get accidentally removed from the eLicenser. If you can’t find them there, I suggest to contact Steinberg support, e.g. through the MySupport section of your MySteinberg account. They can probably help with restoring the old license.


Thanks, I’ve logged a case in my support.
Best, T