Lost elicenser, Steinberg never replied, found it later. Concerned if they will cancel it

I’m so glad I found the usb elicenser key that I lost few weeks ago.
I requested usb key replacement form Steinberg by singing the document and sending them a photo of it.
But they never replied.
But now I’m concerned if they will cancel my elicenser since I started the process and gave them serial number of the key

If they do, you should have a ‘new one’ on the way, and get a ‘zero downtime’ code on your dongle to use while it’s in transit.


If you have raised i ticket in the Steinberg support, you have an access to the ticket. I would add the information about the finding the USB-eLicenser to the ticket. Or maybe you can even close the ticket by yourself, can’t you?

About 2 months past and still no reply.
But it’s ok I found the old dongle.

Just wondering how long it will take them to reply.

My concern is why aren’t they replying

But there is no such function. You cannot request a USB Key. You can just report your dongle lost or stolen, and then you get an All Products license code sent to you. That’s called Zero Downtime. Then you buy another USB key and use that one.

If you sent a photo of your USB key, while requesting a zdt code due to it being lost, that’s confusing. One would presume that you would only send a photo of something you have at hand.

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When I sent the request I had a new dongle. So what a the problem with having a new dongle ?

Your wording in your posts is confusing it seems. You said you asked for a replacement of the key and I don’t think that’s something SB does, they give you a replacement code instead and you provide the key yourself. And when you wrote that you sent a photo of “it” it wasn’t clear if “it” referred to the key you said you lost (which would be weird) or “the document” that you signed (which would make more sense).

So no problem with you having a new dongle, the only question is do you currently have a problem or is it all sorted? Do you have a key with a good license on it or do you need a new license?

I meant to transfer license code as from lost usb key to new usb key, not physical usb key.

Anyways. The point is that I have submitted zero downtime request 2 months ago but Steinberg never replied to me.

Probably got missed. It happens sometimes.

Log in to your Steinberg account and look at the support ticket you filed. If you don’t see it there it might not have gone through properly (web browser flub, clicking the wrong thing, problem with the site on their end, etc…). I.E. I know that in the past I’ve filled out some web forms, hit submit, and for whatever reasons it never actually posted. Glitches do happen…

If it’s there, add a remark that you found your dongle and close the ticket. If it’s not there, then you’ll probably never hear of it again.

If there is no support ticket, maybe you sent an email or something instead? In that case, if you want you can use the website to file a ticket explaining what you’ve said in the OP of this thread. You meant to apply, but found your dongle, so ‘ignore anything that might show up about a missing dongle before this date’ and close the ticket.