Lost eLinceser

I had CUBASE 11, lost my eLicenser, so I upgraded to CUBASE 12.
But I can’t use the access code, because I don’t have my eLicenser that I lost. What can I do to resolve the situation? Support doesn’t answer me

Hi andremata,

Please have a look here:


Well, I’m here in a big mess with Cubase. I will try to simplify to try to help me.

I was using Cubase 11, I upgraded to Cubase 12 and in the process I lost my eLicenser.

I already bought the eLicenser to put back the license for CUBASE 11 that I had, but MySteinberg doesn’t show Cubase 11 anymore, only the update to Cubase 12.

Please Help me


Get in contact with your local support, please. They will provide you the steps to get your Cubase 11 license back (if you didn’t activate the update yet; if yes, you don’t need it anymore).

i tried but no one answers me

Did you activate the update, yes or no?

I try. now it says verification pending

i did that but it only gave me a license with 24 hours validity


Please read the verification pending article.