Lost Everything

My computer got struck by lightning and I lost all of my Steinberg programs including Nuendo 4. I have my elicenser and everything for everything but I don’t know where to go to download the programs. I have sent several emails to support and searched this forum. Can anyone help me please?

Nuendo 4 was released about 10 years ago, no sure that an ESD version had ever existed. You’re supposed to find your installation CDs/DVDs back…
… or maybe its a good opportunity to consider an upgrade to the current release (a direct upgrade from Nuendo 4 remains possible).

Good luck.


there was a downloadable one. I had to do this once before because of a windows 8 issue. It isn’t just Nuendo though. I have wavelab, groove agent, halion, etc. I am considering upgrading to nuendo 8, but I would like to solve this issue.