Lost export mp3

Maybe someone knows a solution to my problem. Sometimes i play around with cubase and in the end i have a FX audio channel i want to export to 24 bit. I use this for later production. I export to desktop and when I close Cubase i dont want to save the project. i choose no to the question “do you want to save…”. Sometimes the exported files also get removed. Sometimes it is there. What am I doing wrong?

I have noticed that Cubase deletes some files created since the project was last saved if you don’t save. I think it automatically deletes newer .bak projects (which is a pain if you have a corrupt project and can’t save it!), and I believe it asks about newer things in the pool before deleting.

So, could it be that you imported it into the pool? Although this would make it into a wav/aiff file in the pool if you exported an MP3… Could it be that sometimes you’re accidentally exporting as WAV, importing into the pool and also not ‘copying’ to the pool?


I Think it has something to do with catalogue/workmethod. I use Project folder called “start” and backup Project to new folder if IO have something to work with. When exporting a single audio wav from “start” and erase Project the file from the desktop are erased too. It shouldnt but it is.