Lost f (bass) clef

Hi, I encounter problems when I print a PDF file of my scores, using Adobe Acrobat Pro 9, from within Cubase 5.5.2.
I choose Print and select AdobePDF as the “printer”. If I then check the “rely on system fonts …” checkbox, off course, it becomes a mess and the score is not readable, with a bunch of symbols and letters where there should have been notes.
But if I choose to embed all fonts in the pdf-file (i.e. leaving the checkbox “Rely on system fonts …” unchecked), it is a very nice result – the only “little” problem is that the f-clefs at the beginning of each row are missing and the f-clefs are replaced with black boxes/squares.
I first thought it was a missing Windows-font, but that is not the problem. Because if I print a page with only f-clef rows , the f-clef looks just normal. And if I have f-clefs in the middle of the bars (clef change), the f-clef look just normal too. The problem arises therefore if I have two bar of each line (eg polyfonic / piano style). Then the g-clef is normal, but the f-clef is replaced with a box. :frowning:
Printing directly to the printer from Cubase looks completely normal, which makes me even more suspect the Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 more … But I have updated to the latest updates via Adobe Update Manager and still the result is the same black box .
One solution would seem to instead of printing to pdf, make an export of each sheet music page for themselves (Exports score -> image file / jpeg) and then merge the images to a PDF in Acrobat Pro. But that would of course end up with a very large file size, which is not very suitable when I want to send the file electronically … .
Anyone encountered this problem, or who has any idea what I can do to solve it?
I rather don’t exchange my PDF-software since it was kind of expensive and should be able to print sheet music from Cubase.


I’m afraid I can’t really help (on Mac here), but if you care to post a small .pdf (and maybe also the .cpr from which you created it), I could at least see if it has the same problem when opened on Mac.

Thanx for your fast reply! I tried with another PDF-creator and the result turned out to be just perfect. So I asume the problem lays within the expensive Adobe Acrobat Pro 9. The solution for me is to rely on the free software PDFCreator instead of the expensive “Adobe clone”.

Thanks again

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Well, you know what they say about “the best things in life”! :slight_smile:
Glad it’s sorted.

Indeed! :smiley:


I had the same problem with Acrobat X. To resolve the issue I copied all of the Steinberg fonts into the Acrobat font folder. Now Acrobat has access to all the fonts options when printing.