Lost factry presets after Update to Cubase13 Pro

I’m using windows 11
After updating from Cubase 12Pro to 13Pro, the effect factory presets became empty.
Presets such as instruments are displayed properly. It’s just an effect.
Could I ask the reason.
Does anyone have similar symptoms?

Did you sort this out? I’m running Cubase 13 Pro on Win10, but I thought I had the same problem. Having now checked through MediaBay I find I have factory presets for all Steinberg VST3 effects, except:
DeEsser, Roomworks, Squasher, StereoDelay and Studio EQ.
Bizarrely, I have factory presets for all Steinberg VST3 effects (including those listed above) when I run Cubase Pro 12…

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 13\VST Sound
When I executed all vstsoundfiles in the folder
I got a message saying that two of them already exist.
The remaining two are loaded and the effect presets are also displayed.