Lost Features in WL 8

I am kind of dissapointed that some important things seem to be removed in WL now, that we won through the years (I started with V2.02).
A dedicated peak normalization in the montage, track marker support, XP compatibilty … just to name the ones I will miss coming from V6 (installed 7, but never got warm with it).

Of course there are many new features worth the upgrade, but these are of limited importance for me (except DDP maybe). But keeping the old functions was a matter of course for me, so I did not expect this.

I cannot imagine for what reason one would remove these functions. There should not be any licensing issues, nor is Wavelab easier to use without this. And If WL8 is now more optimized for Win 7/8 what kind of a perfomance boost would we expect from this?

In fact, for me things get more complicated: I have to use workarounds like still needing WL 6 for DAT transfers or apply gain to a Montage to use the limiting function in the new loudness meta normalizer as a peak normalizer. I certainly have to live with Windows 7 also due to other things, though I hate all these perfomance killing background services, pseudo folders hiding the file system from the user and so on…

I am really confused why Waveleb LOOSES functions from earlier to new version without necessity. Looks like I am actually the only one using these things…

Thanks for reading my moaning… :cry: