Lost file in iPad : where to find var/mobile...?

I did a sketch in Staffpad for iPad, then exported the Xml file.
Opened it with Dorico for Ipad and changed the title and composer.
Closing the window I got this message :
"Do you want to overwrite the file ‘/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/DFC9A318-59DF-4F54-9D6BB-81-BE92D91E13/Documents/…dorico’?
Unfortunately I answered OK :cold_face:
Since then I am unable to find the file anymore…

Where could I possibly find this /var/mobile/Containers/blahblah folder ?
Is it an Xml error ?

That /var/mobile… path should never appear to you as a user in the application, so something’s gone awry somewhere along the line. However, that path isn’t too mysterious: it refers to the sandboxed container that Dorico is allowed to write to on your iPad. So the project should appear in the Open page of the Hub, or you should be able to find it by clicking the Open or Import File button at the bottom left-hand corner of the Hub window and looking in the Dorico section in the file picker. Or you should be able to find it in the separate Files app, again by looking in the Dorico folder.

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Thank you Daniel.
Unfortunately I was unable to find this file. That’s why I did this manipulation a second time to have a chance to write the path. Once again it disappeared…
It’s not that bad (small arrangement for woodwinds).
My sadness will disappear at the sight of Dorico’s next update :grinning: