Lost info?

hello dear Steinberg team. i own cubase 7 (installed for some yers) i lost my e-mail that i reg my product at my steinberg. i have the box and proff of buying. i contact my dist and he cant locate the mail. i want to delete my accout and give my partner (we split) the cubase so he will reg on his …


This is user forum. With licence question, you have to get in touch with the official (local) Steinberg support, please.

There can find your user account, based for example on the USB-eLicenser Number (which you can find in the eLCC application, if the USB-eLicenser has been registered).

Then you can follow Resale Wizard for Steinberg Software.

Well I would not come here to pick anyone if the local support could help! In my case they didn’t.
Let me know what I need to do next to get support!


Why they didn’t help? What did they recommend? Where are you located, please?

They say they can’t locate the email I registered, cuz I checked the privacy policy? Don’t remember I did, and if so… what can be done now?
Again I have all prove of buying (box\reg\dungle) payment details, I have all.

I need to give my partner the cubase cuz we split!
And we stuck now. Please need help so my partner will have the cubase under his name (legit owner) and then he will upgrade when he want.

Please need a support cuz we really stuck in this split issue.
Thanks in advanced :pray:

send you a PM with myUSB-eLicenser number. Thanks in advanced!