Lost install CD / Need to reinstall


I own Cubase Essential 4 and the PC that the software was installed on has died. I have a replacment PC but I can not find my original install CD anywhere. I do have my registered USB dongle and syncrosoft running on the new PC but that’s about as far as I can go. Anyone know of how I can download my oringinal software or get a copy? I see downloads on the main website but only updates not full programes. I need my cubase back, please help!

Well, you should have thought of that before :unamused: . I guess you´ll have to contact your local distributor.

Wow, that was helpful. Thanks for your compassion

Where in my thread do you see compassion, and what do you expect me to do? You lost the disc, I can´t provide you a with new one. The one that probably can is your local distributor, you don´t say where you are, so what…? Take it or leave it. In the end it´s your fault, not mine and no one else´s… :unamused: there are no downloads of the full installer available…

Are you for real…? :laughing: I exspect you to offer something constructive to the topic or, to simply move on and not say anything at all. I do not need to explain to you how or why the disk is lost, and I do not need to take or leave anything from you. Please take your power trip and negitivity elswhere.

Anyone with something even remotly helpful to add please respond!

Thank you in advance

If you can borrow a disc from someone copy the contents to your hard drive and install from there, otherwise upgrade to Essential 5 or Artist 6 and away you go.

See if this helps.

Thank you both for the advice.

Hi there,

Use the support request form inside your MySteinberg account to request a new installation disc. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I did and they are working on sending me a new one!