Lost Key commands

Hi ,
Back in the days , a looong time ago , Cubase had these really handy key commands when recording midi.

If my memory is not too dim there was
Whilst cycle recording
B : Delete subtrack / basically erase all you had recorded and start from scratch without stopping
E: Erase a single note / hit E then the note you wanted to erase all whilst recording , very useful for programming beats
V: Delete last pass / would delete only the last pass recorded, not the previous passes, so if you messed up the last overdub you could just redo that.

I miss these commands a lot and haven’t found them in cubase 7.5
If anyone has an idea it would be great


You can set up pretty much any key commands you like. See the stuff that starts on Page 711 of the manual.

Well I know that, but I can’t find those functions under key commands